Summertime in a Bottle

Abbott & Costello. Ken & Barbie. Calvin & Hobbes.

Chenin Blanc & Summertime.

All perfect pairs.

We’ve been making our Loire-inspired Dry Chenin Blanc since 1972. From the very start, we’ve known that our Chenin Blanc would pair perfectly with the days of summer. Now we’re hearing it from our customers and the wine press as well. Not only is it the most awarded Chenin Blanc in the nation, it is also a 10-time winner of the Pacific Coast Oyster Competition.

When you pause and think about it for a moment, it makes perfect sense. Our wonderfully crisp and refreshing Chenin Blanc is the perfect aperitif wine. It’s extremely versatile and food friendly, making it ideal for summer celebrations, pool parties and just relaxing around the house. It has even been nicknamed the “summer sipper”.

We hope you have the opportunity to enjoy our Chenin Blanc. We suggest pairing the wine with a nice light summer meal, putting your feet up, and enjoying the white peach, melon and citrus flavors escaping from your glass. Take a sip and make a toast to an amazing summer.