2014 Harvest Interns

We’ve been fortunate. Very fortunate. Our 2014 harvest interns have been incredible. Hailing from South Africa, this tribe of merry souls has worked painfully long hours, helping us with innumerable pump overs, tank shoveling and basically any other kind of grunt labor. We thought it would be fun to introduce them.

Phillip is in his final year of the Agribusiness program at Elsenburg Agricultural Institute in South Africa. Having worked several harvests, including in Australia and South Africa, Phillip has brought his can-do attitude to Dry Creek Vineyard. Always positive and happy, he is quick with a smile and bright wit. Phillip is a great guy to be around. Tian is another wonderful part of the team. Having completed his degree in Cellar Technology and Viticulture in 2013, Tian’s ultimate dream is to travel the world learning winemaking skills and visiting other cultures. One day, he’d like to be a winemaker at home in South Africa. And last but not least is Helienne. Helienne also hails from South Africa and is our lone woman intern for this harvest. She has certainly proven herself, putting in long days and standing toe-to-toe with the guys in the cellar dragging hoses and shoveling tanks. A graduate of Elsenburg Institute, Helienne also has dreams of being a winemaker some day.

We’d like to thank Phillip, Tian and Helienne for their hard work and dedication. We will miss them!