Bocce Ball in the Vineyard

It is generally thought that the game of bocce has been played as far back as ancient Rome. While the rules and court specifics have changed slightly over the last few millenniums, the basics have stayed the same. You gather your friends on a warm afternoon, get a few bottles of wine to share (or in the case of the Romans, your favorite clay pot of wine), pick teams, pitch the jack and then commence to bowling. The team closest to the jack scores points and usually retains the right to a certain amount of “sportsman-like trash talk.”

This game is so ingrained in wine culture that the two almost go hand in hand. That is why Dry Creek Vineyard is excited to unveil its new bocce court which will be available for booking this summer! Surrounded by our new insectary garden, this court promises to be one of the premier wine country experiences in the Dry Creek Valley. Available as an exclusive rental, this court will be available for you and your group of up to twelve adults (over the age of 21) to book your small wine country party, team building exercise or just quiet afternoon with friends.

Your afternoon of bocce will include a chilled bottle of our world class Dry Chenin Blanc or Fumé Blanc, a host to get you situated and tableside service for other bottles of wine, cheese or anything else that you may desire from the tasting room. You will have exclusive use of the bocce court for two hours to rule like the Caesar of Rome that you always knew you could be!

Interested in hosting your very own bocce ball experience at Dry Creek Vineyard? We would love to hear from you. Call us at (800) 864-9463 ext 103 or email us at to inquire about times of availability.

Wine Club Members: $100 for a group of up to 12 people
General Public: $150 for a group of up to 12 people
(21+ only please)