Don's Fumé Oyster Chowder
Don’s Fumé Oyster Chowder

This classic chowder recipe straight from the family uses one of our most iconic white wines and is perfect for the fall and winter! Cook up a potful as your seasonal staple, or to share …

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Sabering a Champagne Bottle
How to Saber a Champagne Bottle

In celebration of our 50th Anniversary, we have not only released a commemorative Sparkling Chenin Blanc, but also a saber to bring the drama! Learn how to use a saber in this tutorial video …

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Oyster Mignonette with Chenin Blanc
Mignonette Three Ways

Chenin and oysters are a perfect summer pairing, but just because the pairing is traditional doesn’t mean your mignonettes have to be! Elevate your oyster game with a trio of sauces …

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Kim's Apple Parmesan Pie with K&D Mercantile Estate Honey
Kim’s Apple Parmesan Pie

This homestyle apple Parmesan pie recipe comes straight from the Stare Wallace family kitchen! Enjoy as a fall and winter treat, or bring to a potluck as a delectable dessert …

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