Three Wine & Cheese Pairings to Impress

The mystery of what wine to serve at your next dinner party is only slightly less daunting than which cheese to pair with it. Here is our guide on fail-proof cheese and wine pairings, sure to please your palate and impress your guests:

Sauvignon Blanc and Goat Cheese

The natural acidity of Sauvignon Blanc is able to cut through the richness of a creamy goat cheese and cleanse the palate. The grassy and mineral notes in a fresh chèvre play off the same nuances in the wine, while showcasing the citrusy characteristics of Sauvignon Blanc.

Zinfandel and Asiago

Zinfandel pairs best with cheeses that are assertive and bold, and the bright fruit flavors work perfectly with a touch of saltiness in the cheese. Asiago’s nutty and sweet flavors give way to a slightly sharp finish, which pairs nicely with the spicy notes of a well-balanced Zinfandel.

Cabernet Sauvignon and Aged Gouda

As cheese ages and loses water content, the flavor becomes richer and more intense with the increased fat content. The higher fat content in the cheese coats the inside of your mouth and counteracts the high level of tannins in a Cabernet Sauvignon, leaving you refreshed and ready for the next bite.