Chenin Blanc Inspired by the Loire Valley

Rainbow ship painting by Michael Surles

Dry Chenin Blanc


Our award-winning Dry Chenin Blanc is a source of pride for Dry Creek Vineyard, but we must give credit where credit is due. If imitation is the sincerest form of flattery, Dry Creek Vineyard extends praise to our original source of inspiration in the small French village of Vouvray in the Loire Valley. It was in Vouvray, that our love affair with Chenin Blanc began.

Chenin Blanc is serious business at Dry Creek Vineyard. Because it lacks the mystique of Burgundy or Bordeaux, other producers tend to overlook this varietal. But Chenin Blanc is never a stepchild at Dry Creek Vineyard. Here this varietal receives the same level of meticulous care as our higher priced bottlings.

Dry Creek Vineyard produces the most highly awarded Chenin Blanc in the nation. Over the past several vintages, this wine has earned more than 30 Gold Medals, plus scores of Silver and Bronze Medals. Indeed, a single recent vintage racked up a total of seven top awards–including Best Varietal of Region and Double Gold at the California State Fair, plus a Gold Medal at the International Wine Challenge in London, England.

Much of our success with Chenin Blanc is due to exceptional fruit quality from Clarksburg, a relatively unknown grape-producing region in California. Both Dry Chenin Blanc and Fumé Blanc offer perfect antidotes to Chardonnay. Like the most charming Loire Valley wines, both are crisp and refreshing as well as extraordinarily versatile. Excellent as an aperitif, our Dry Chenin Blanc is internationally recognized as one of the best wines to pair with oysters on the half shell.