Chardonnay Reborn

Pinot ship painting by Michael Surles

DCV Block 10 Chardonnay

Russian River Valley

Chardonnay has contributed enormously to our success. The crisp and balanced nature of our Chardonnay has always been immediately appealing. In 2003, we transitioned our production to the Russian River Valley and away from the former Sonoma County designation.

At Dry Creek Vineyard, Chardonnay has always played an important role. From the very first vintage in 1972, the varietal has contributed enormously to the success of the winery and helped to put Dry Creek Vineyard on the world wine map.

In the early days, winery founder David Stare produced just a small amount from the famed Robert Young vineyard. Then, as the winery grew, so did production. By the late 1990s, we were producing over 30,000 cases of Sonoma County Chardonnay. As the second generation took over the reins of the business, one wine we knew needed attention was Chardonnay. In 2003, production was cut to 7,500 cases with all of the grapes coming from the Russian River Valley. Then in 2008, we produced a single vineyard version called Foggy Oaks, dropping the production yet again to 3,500 cases.

With the release of the DCV Block 10, we are now producing just 1,250 cases of Chardonnay from 30 vine rows at the far northeast corner of our estate Chardonnay vineyard. The DCV Block 10 Chardonnay continues our aim of producing small lot wines, focused on vineyard and terroir and most importantly, of the highest quality possible. It has taken us almost 15 years to isolate this section of the vineyard which, year in and year out, represents our best Chardonnay. The well draining soils and lower fertility zones provide us fruit that is bright in acid with a well rounded flavor profile.