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Sales Staff

John DoxonJohn Doxon is the Global Sales Director for Dry Creek Vineyard. John manages our domestic and international wholesale business, working with both V2 Wine Group on our domestic sales as well as Antonio Silvia, our Export Director. John is also a valued member of our Senior Management team.

John’s journey started in the Midwest where a wine-focused restaurant career led to a position with the distributor Heartland Wine Company (now RNDC). There he developed a wine training program for their sales team and top customers. That role led to brand and sales management positions where he continued his wine education and built a team to handle the company’s boutique wine portfolio.

Seghesio Family Vineyards hired John in 2003 to run East Coast Sales out of New York City. He was part of a small team that transformed a mid-tier brand into a global dominator in the luxury Zinfandel category. When Seghesio sold to Crimson Wine Group in June of 2011, John was promoted from Domestic Sales for Seghesio to Export Sales Manager for the entire Crimson portfolio.

John lives with his wife Kristina and two boys, Oliver and Felix, in San Rafael, CA. When he is not traveling, he will split his time between his home office and Dry Creek Vineyard.

John Doxon


Domestic Sales

V2 Wine Group
V2 Wine Group

The Dry Creek Vineyard family is proud to join forces with V2 Wine Group as our national sales partner. V2 manages all of our domestic national sales business. We are thrilled to have V2 as part of our extended Dry Creek Vineyard family. Please use the contact list below to find a V2 salesperson in your market.

Founders Executive VP of Sales
Dan Leese & Katy Leese
DLeese@V2WineGroup.com, KLeese@V2WineGroup.com
Dan: 415-385-0906
Katy: 415-519-1640
Scott Ericson
Mobile: 925-963-7309
Director of National Restaurant/Hotel Accounts Director of National Retail Accounts
Mark Crisler
Mobile: 707-933-7014
Ken Meyerson
Mobile: 540-207-4277
VP West California State Manager
Taylor Craft
Mobile: 916-804-3623
Jennifer Zemanek
Mobile: 310-617-3627
Southwest Regional Manager VP Midwest
Deborah French
Mobile: 707-337-3016
Jack Harvey
Phone: 817-348-0075
Mobile: 817-296-3846
Midwest Regional Manager Great Lakes Regional Manager
Matt McCormack
Mobile: 708-288-6251
Jack Harvey
Phone: 817-348-0075
Mobile: 817-296-3846
VP East New York/ New Jersey State Manager
Tod Umbach
Mobile: 860-990-1979
Janet Gallichio-Jacobsen
Southeast Regional Manager Broker – Delaware, Maryland & DC
Josh Brett
Mobile: 404-483-7819
Mike Eaker
Mobile: 919-219-1929
Office:  919-838-8737
Florida State Manager  Northwest Regional Manager
Marco Esposito
Mobile: 305-401-9044
Alex Hedges
Mobile: 509-440-3530
Massachusetts, New Hampshire & Rhode Island Manager Texas Regional Manager
Rosaline (Roz) Fleisher
Mobile: 860-299-5998
Brad Bartram
Mobile: 210-912-7595



Export Sales

Antonio Silvia, Director of Export for Dry Creek Vineyard, has 15 years of experience managing several successful businesses in the wine industry nationally and internationally. An entrepreneur and wine expert, Antonio comes from generations of Italian winemakers in his native country of Italy. He also established and operates WineTeam, Inc., a partnership of wineries that export wines all around the world.

Antonio Silvia
Mobile: 310-218-6193