World Class Hospitality

At its most basic level, hospitality is simply “the quality or disposition of treating guests and strangers in a warm, friendly and generous way”. Here at Dry Creek Vineyard we wholeheartedly embrace this concept. Our hospitality is geared toward offering you the best wine country experience that we can deliver.

As the flagship winery of the Dry Creek Valley, we pride ourselves in being able to share the story of our family as well as the rich and diverse winemaking history of this valley. From a walk up tasting at our tasting room bar to a reserved Tour & Tasting or Meritage Blending Seminar, you will find a friendly wine educator who will guide you through your tasting experience and send you home with wines and memories that you will never forget.

We pride ourselves in greeting every guest within 10 seconds from the time they walk in our door with a bright smile and a cheerful welcome. Whether you are enjoying a tasting at our bar or quickly popping in to purchase a bottle of Fumé Blanc to go with your picnic lunch, our aim is to be the highlight of your day.

Never stuffy or pompous, our hospitality team is always warm and engaging and happy to share our knowledge and passion with you. We know that wine can be a daunting subject loaded with pitfalls and potential etiquette faux pas that can intimidate the fun right out of you. Our promise is to educate you in a fun and approachable way that makes you feel comfortable in our world. We want all of our guests to walk away knowing what we all do… that a good day is a good day, but a good day at Dry Creek Vineyard is a memory that will last a lifetime.