Wines & Vines Packaging Design Award

We are honored to receive a gold medal for “Best Series Design” for our Site Specific Terroir Series from the Wines & Vines Packaging Design Awards. The competition sets out to choose the most outstanding wine packages in the market. A jury of wine industry professionals determined the winners in five categories: Best Classic Format Package Design, Best Alternative Format Package Design, Best Luxury Package Design, Best Package Redesign and Best Package Series Design.

The goal of our design for our Site Specific Terroir Series was to highlight distinct geographical locations in the Dry Creek Valley, and the specific vineyard sites that we have worked with for nearly 50 years. This extremely focused approach of winemaking and label design is the first of its kind in our home appellation and serves as a unique opportunity to engage and educate at the same time. Reflecting the local topography of Dry Creek Valley was extremely important to us, as it illustrates how diverse our small region is.

The hand-drawn illustrations bring the rugged topography of the valley to life in superb detail, from the vineyards that lie on the valley floor to the mountainous region of the western slopes. The decision to highlight individual vineyard sites and the intricacies of the valley on the label is a natural extension of the meticulous nature of sustainable grapegrowing and artisanal winemaking practices that are a part of our family winery.

“From the topographical map on the front label to the information packed on the back, this one sets the bar for informing the consumer while offering a handsome package.” — competition judge, Sarah Schneider.