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In 1982, when the original idea was unveiled, it was seen as a rather daring and risky move. Nearly 40 years later, the sailing ships that adorn our wine bottles are easily identifiable and recognized by consumers around the world. Since the beginning, Sonoma County artist Michael Surles has provided the beautiful paintings for our labels. Using a variety of mediums from watercolor to richly hued oils, Surles captures the spirit of the high seas.

1984 Reserve Red 1983 Fume Blanc
1984 Zinfandel 1985_fume_blanc_lbl_xlg
1988 Zinfandel 1989 Fume Blanc
1991 Reserve Cabernet 1990 Reserve Fume Blanc
1999 Heritage Clone Zinfandel 1999 Fume Blanc
2007 Heritage Zinfandel 2007_fume_blanc_lbl_xlg
2007 Spencer's Hill Zinfandel 2007 Taylor's Musque
2009 Spencer's Hill Zinfandel 2009 Taylor's Musque
2010 Heritage Zinfandel 2010 Sauvignon Blanc
2011 Heritage Zinfandel 2012 Fume Blanc