Release of 2010 Fumé Blanc with QR Code Technology

Winery blends history with modern touches in a newly designed package

It’s not often we get to reintroduce our flagship wine.  Since 1972, we have produced Fumé Blanc.  As the first winery in Sonoma County to do so under this moniker, we were also the first winery to plant Sauvignon Blanc grapes in the Dry Creek Valley.  For almost 40 years, we have touted the virtues of our delicious, unoaked Fumé Blanc.  Dave Stare even founded the Society of Blancs (SOB’s) to help promote and educate new world wine drinkers on the incredible versatility of the Sauvignon Blanc variety.

With the release of the 2010 vintage, we are proud to introduce a new package for Fumé Blanc.  Perhaps most striking is the new clear glass bottle – a first for this wine.  Kim has done an excellent job of maintaining our iconic sailing imagery while also incorporating some modern touches and sense of style.  On the back label, you will notice a QR code which scans to a two-minute video of Dave, Don and Kim discussing the new vintage.   The QR code is a terrific technological advancement, which transports consumers to the vineyard and winery to hear directly from the family about the wine.

We’d love to hear your feedback and thoughts.  Fumé Blanc is at our very heart and soul reminding us of the three key elements that bind us together – Family, Heritage and Authenticity.