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An insectary is a garden of plants that attract beneficial insects. These plants provide an environment that is attractive to natural enemies of crop pests. This natural means of controlling harmful pests also assists beneficial insects in pollination and generally creates a balanced growing environment.

Beneficial insects include ladybugs, bees, ground beetles, hoverflies, minute pirate bugs, lacewings and wasps. Other animals that are considered beneficial include lizards, spiders, toads and hummingbirds. Beneficial insects are as much as ten times more abundant in insectary gardens. Harmful pests include leafhoppers, spider mites, leafrollers and mealybugs.

In addition to the garden being a beautiful focal point for the winery, our goal is to have this insectary further enhance our sustainable farming practices. Its contribution to a balanced ecosystem in the vineyard will be a key for years to come.


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