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A fourth generation descendant of a California farming family, Don Wallace has been the driving force working to implement sustainable farming practices at Dry Creek Vineyard. His efforts and direction have established Dry Creek Vineyard as a leader in the movement in Dry Creek Valley and the industry as a whole.

Our commitment to sustainable agriculture and minimal off-farm consumption is multifaceted. Advancements in viticultural technology go hand-in-hand with respectfully managing our space on this planet. Our ultimate goal is to turn our vineyards over to the third generation in even better condition than they are today. We are constantly pushing for techniques that will benefit the quality of our wine and the quality of our lives and those of future generations.

Sustainability is defined by the Triple “E” bottom line approach:


Using processes, systems and activities to reduce the environmental impact of our facilities, products and operations.


Using resources in an efficient and responsible way that provides long-term benefits and establishes profitability.


Ensuring that the social well-being of our winery and our community can be maintained in the long term.

Sonoma County is committed to becoming the nation’s first 100% sustainable wine region through a three-phased program to be completed between 2014 and 2019, led by Sonoma County Winegrowers.