Happy Holidays!

We raise a glass to ugly sweaters and white elephant gifts. To saggy air mattresses and matching family pajamas. We raise a glass to old stories that change every year, and punchlines that have long been forgotten. To the wine you bring to share and the bottle that you stash for later. We raise a glass to those we have lost, and to the new faces that have come into our lives.

We raise a glass to all of you, and thank you for being a part of our family.

Wishing you the happiest of holidays, from our family to yours!


Answer key:

(1) Dave Stare (2) Kim Stare Wallace (3) Don Wallace (4) Gary Emmerich (5) Dru Cochran (6) Tim Bell (7) John Doxon (8) Sara Rathbun (9) Robert Conard (10) Laura Levin (11) Matt McCormack (12) Kurt Spann (13) Jerry Smith (14) Brian Pruett (15) Lillian Pageot (16) Heather Martin (17) Jennifer Secreto (18) Sally Kerstetter (19) Ramiro Magdaleno (20) Rocio Gonzalez (21) Tarcicio Garcia (22) Amanda Artz (23) Ashley Babin (24) Danielle Boccio (25) Jim Cutcher (26) Nick Chase (27) Darren Abel (28) Kevin West (29) José Mendez-Reyes (30) Joe Czesnakowicz (31) Paige Pedroza (32) Cheyanne Jordan (33) Amber Capps Duval (34) Lenore Messler (35) Karen Tovani (36) Bob Antoniuc (37) Karen Passalacqua (38) Ashley Fagan (39) Michael Longerbeam (40) Amanda Barber (41) Mike Gillean (42) Chuck Banks (43) Abel Garcia (44) Chuy Luna (45) Ian Eddy (46) Thomas Bailey