Wine 101: Finish

White Wines

For white wines, the finish might be additional nuances of what was tasted – citrus, melon, grass – these flavors may just repeat themselves on the finish.

Red Wines

For red wines, it can be more complex. For example, a Cabernet Sauvignon that tastes of black cherry, blackberry and chocolate, may on the finish turn rougher (or softer) depending on how the wine was made.

In many cases, the finish amplifies the tannic strength of a wine. Sometimes, a finish can last for more than a minute as additional flavors are revealed. To get a sense of this, try closing your eyes once you swallow the wine. Savor the flavors and concentrate on any additional flavors that you did not initially pick up. How the wine finishes is a very personal experience and will ultimately lead you to another sip (or not).

Finally, the finish can also help you determine what type of food you may choose to pair with the wine. If the finish is big and tannic, a piece of well-fatted meat is a good choice. The tannin will help to cut through the fat of the meat. If the wine is more subtle on the finish and delicate (like a Pinot Noir), a simple chicken breast or fish dish would go very well. The most important thing to keep in mind is to create balance. If the dish is balanced with the wine then it’s probably going to be a match made in heaven!