Our DCV2 “Four Clones” Vineyard

This might be the most exciting new vineyard project the winery has taken on in quite some time. Located just in front of the winery and bordering Lambert Bridge and Dry Creek Rd, we replanted this block in 2009 after allowing the ground to lay fallow for seven years. At 4.4 acres, this incredible property was planted in the head pruned style – a throwback to a bygone era of grape growing. It is 100% sustainable and essentially dry-farmed to ensure our rigorous standards for quality. Each acre has a unique clone selection of Zinfandel – DuPratt, Bradford Mountain, Primitivo and St. Peters Church. The clones were planted on St. George rootstock.

Developing new vineyards such as Four Clones reminds us that the future of Dry Creek Vineyard wines is bright. With these new clones and expressions of Zinfandel, we will have an even wider pallet to work with as we craft different bottlings of Zinfandel. The future? Who knows, but as a winery family we are excited to find out!

Key Stats:

Varietal: Zinfandel
Vine acres: 4.4 acres
Clones: Primitivo, Dupratt, Bradford Mountain and St. Peter’s Church
Soil: Yolo loam. Well drained.