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May 22,


Experience River Belle Inn with a Dry Creek Vineyard Twist

Enjoy the rich history of wine country with today’s luxuries at the River Belle Inn, Healdsburg’s newest boutique inn. Reserve the limited-time offer of a two-night stay to receive an exclusive Dry Creek Vineyard preferred rate along with a delicious gourmet breakfast, happy hour, welcome basket, and a complimentary tasting for two at Dry Creek Vineyard.  The River Belle Inn is located 6 blocks from the downtown Healdsburg square, and is situated right along the beautiful Russian River.

Call 707-955-5724 to reserve your suite today!


May 03,


4 Things To Know About Our Sailboat Labels

1. Our first label with a sailboat was in 1982.

Dating back to the 1982 David S. Stare Reserve Red, sailboat imagery has graced our labels, capturing the spirit of the high seas and our passion for the sport. From the very beginning, we made an intentional effort to choose a class of boat that would fit the nature of the winery. We decided that the J Class yachts would be our inspiration – specifically those boats from 1929 to 1937.  Considered the golden years of yachting, the J’s of the 30s were in a class by themselves. They were extremely dangerous to sail and the complex rigging and lack of a motor made them sailable only for the most experienced skippers.

2. Our roots in the sailing community run deep.

We have been strong supporters of sailing at all levels, from youth programs and collegiate teams to international sailing regattas and as the Official Wine of the Louis Vuitton America’s Cup World Series Races in Chicago and New York. We are proud to be the “Official Wine for Sailors” and carry on the traditions of the past, while innovating for the future.

3. Yes, we know that sailboats can’t actually sail on a dry creek.

The irony of a winery named “Dry Creek” Vineyard with sailboats on the labels is not lost on us – it certainly captures our family humor, yet it also makes perfect sense. We believe that the art of winemaking and the skill of sailing have a lot in common.  Like winemaking, sailing is fun, adventuresome and romantic.  Like sailing, the art of winemaking demands skill, discipline and plenty of help from Mother Nature.

4. They are all based on real, historical boats.

For over 35 years, we have worked diligently with a local artist, Michael Surles, to create these original pieces of art that have come to express each of our wines. His innate ability to capture the spirit of these boats is uncanny from their shape and color, all the way down to the intricate rigging on the sails. The vessels have their own story to be told, just as our wines do. For example, Lulworth is the boat that graces our Fumé Blanc and Sauvignon Blanc bottles. Built in 1920, Lulworth’s name comes from Lulworth Castle, which belonged to her second owner.  Lulworth was built as a racing boat to compete in the premier yachting league in Europe: the British “Big Class.” Lulworth is modern and sleek yet displays old world charm – much like our Fumé and Sauvignon Blanc wines.

Which is your favorite boat? Tag us in a photo on Instagram or use #drycreekvineyard for a chance to be featured on our Dry Creek Vineyard Instagram page!


Apr 01,


April Fools' Day Matey!

April Fools’ Day from our band of sea dogs!

No, we are not introducing a new pirate-themed line of wines, but we channeled our inner scallywag to run a rig on you!

If the pirate’s life is for you, join us at Passport to Dry Creek Valley on April 27-28 and celebrate the treasures of Dry Creek Vineyard! Navigate your way through the deserted island selfie station and sample the jewels of Sauvignon Blanc, Zinfandel and Bordeaux varietals along your quest. Follow the map to where ‘X’ marks the spot to find an incredible tasting experience, hidden treasures, prizes and more! Stay for the weekend and explore over 40 wineries in Dry Creek Valley.


Thanks for playing along with us and let’s keep the conversation going! Follow us on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter and share your favorite Dry Creek Vineyard moments.


Feb 14,


KonMari Your Wine Cellar in 4 Easy Steps!

The craze to declutter, inspired by Marie Kondo’s book, “The Life Changing Magic of Tidying: A Simple, Effective Way to Banish Clutter Forever”, is taking the world by storm. Kitchens, closets, and everything in between are being examined thoroughly to find which items ‘spark joy’ and which should find a new life somewhere else. So how can this method be applied to your home wine cellar?


Step 1: Visualize What Kind of Connoisseur You Are

Visualize the kind of wine that you want to be drinking, and also how you want to be displaying and/or storing it. Is a six-bottle rack on the counter perfect for your lifestyle? Or do you subscribe to the theory that bigger is better and have dreams for a built-in wine refrigerator or fully insulated wine closet with a chilling unit? While not everyone has the space or budget to fulfill these dreams, it will bring into focus how much of a wine connoisseur you really are or want to be.


Step 2: Which Bottles Spark Joy

According to Kondo, the next step is to keep only those items that spark joy. Do all of the bottles that you have make you happy? Or are you just keeping bottles around because you feel guilty discarding them? Have your tastes and preferences changed over the years? Are you discovering leaking bottles or corks that are pushing out? Extend this process to your stemware and accessories as well. Do you love your mismatched wine glass collection or would you prefer to donate them and start fresh? Does your corkscrew work or do you have several that are broken stashed in your junk drawer? The point is to only have the things that are useful and that you want, not just collecting things for the sake of having them.


Step 3: Sort & Organize By Category, Varietal or Function

The chief organizing principle of KonMari is to store like items together. Take this as an opportunity to conduct an inventory of your wine stash. Do you always buy a bottle of Chardonnay at the store to have on hand for guests even though you only drink Cabernet? Seeing how much of each varietal you have will help you to make smarter buying choices in the future, and also make you the best party host when you know you have something that everyone will love.


Step 4: Store Vertically, Cool & Dark

Think vertically when you are ready to set up your storage. Bottles with natural corks should be stored on their sides so that the liquid is up against the cork, to prevent it from drying out. Horizontal racking that can stack vertically is a space-efficient way to store your cellar treasures without harming the wines themselves. Look for a space that can stay cool (between 45˚-65˚F) and is away from direct sunlight to protect the wine and keep it in the best condition until you are ready to open and enjoy it!

Tag us in your before and after photos on Instagram so we can raise a toast to your newly sparked joy!


Feb 13,


Dry Creek Vineyard Perks at Hotel Trio

Sleep in, taste more, and do more at Hotel Trio, a new hotel set at the entrance to Dry Creek Valley in Healdsburg. Hotel Trio offers travelers the best of both worlds: a hub for exploring wine country, and plenty to enjoy just footsteps from your door. Reserve this limited-time offer to receive an exclusive rate along with a complimentary tasting for two at Dry Creek Vineyard, a complimentary half-bottle of wine daily, two hours of Zagster bicycle usage, complimentary parking, upgraded high-speed WiFi, and a complimentary shuttle to and from downtown Healdsburg.

Promo Code: A2603


Or call (707) 433-4000 and ask for Wine Country Offer A2603