What is the best way to contact you about my wine club membership?

Call Salina Littleton toll free at 800-864-9463 x123, or email: wineclub@drycreekvineyard.com.


How do I order more wine?

Call toll free and ask for the Tasting Room:  Our knowledgeable Tasting Room Staff can answer all of your questions about the available wines and fill your order.  As a wine club member, all your information is on file and the shipment is automatically billed to your credit card on file (unless otherwise specified).  The wine can be shipped to the shipping address on file, or any other address you specify.

Order from our Special Club Member’s Online Store:  Login as a member using your wine club email address to receive club discounts and buy special club wines, or any of our other wines.

Go to www.drycreekvineyard.com: Click on “Shop Our Wines”, click on “Login”

NOTE: If you need assistance, contact Salina at 800-864-9463 x123.


Can I order wine sent as a gift or for a special occasion?

The Tasting Room can take your orders for gifts of wine or merchandise, which like other orders can be automatically billed to your card (on file).  A personalized gift card can be enclosed, and special delivery arrangements can be made.


Can I give a wine club membership as a gift?

Call Salina Littleton toll free at 800-864-9463 x123.  All you need to do is to provide the recipient’s information.  They will receive a handsome Certificate announcing the gift from you.  Then they will receive regular wine shipments and all the same benefits you do from your membership.  Their club shipments are automatically billed to your card and continue until you cancel the gift membership.


How do I change my membership information (address, phone, credit card, etc.)?

Call Salina Littleton toll free at 800-864-9463 x123.  We can change any or all of the information for your membership. Information can be changed temporarily (single shipment, specified period of time) or permanently.


Can I come to the winery and pick up my club shipment there?

If you wish to pick up all of your shipments at the winery, please contact us.  Simply provide us with your email address, and request your membership be changed to winery pickup status.


What if I’m going to be gone at the time a shipment is due to be sent?

Call toll free at 800-864-9463 x123 and Salina Littleton can reroute the pending shipment to another address, or put the shipment on hold to be shipped upon your return.


What if I’m not home when they try to deliver my shipment?

The delivery agent will either make two more attempts, or will leave a notice that delivery was attempted and asking you to call to make redelivery arrangements.  We strongly recommend that your wine be delivered to a business address.


What if they could not deliver my wine and it was returned to Dry Creek Vineyard?

We will contact you to arrange reshipment, or you can call Salina Littleton toll free at 800-864-9463 x123. Sometimes, after three delivery attempts are made, your shipment can be returned to the winery at a significant expense to us. To help defer some of the cost, we will be charging a $10 re-shipment fee for all returned orders. Thank you for your understanding.


Can I still be a member if you can’t ship to my home state?

Yes, IF you have your wine delivered to a state to which we do ship.


What if my credit card is not approved for a shipment?

You will receive an email asking you to call us to update your billing information so that we can process the shipment you missed.  With an approved credit card, you will then be included in a follow-up wine shipment.


How do I cancel?  How do I rejoin?

Call toll free at 800-864-9463 x123 and Salina Littleton can cancel or reinstate your membership. Please note that there is a short-term commitment of receiving two scheduled shipments, after which you may cancel your membership at any time.